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Shopify Development Company Charlotte, NC

If you are not yet using Shopify for your e-commerce business, you are losing opportunities to grow your online presence. We, at Local SEO Charlotte, create engaging Shopify stores enriched with advanced SEO practices. From themes and bespoke builds to content marketing and e-commerce audit, we are a one-stop destination for your result-driven online solutions. We create high-performing Shopify stores, offering a great user experience.

We know the potential of Shopify as the leading e-commerce platform. Thus, we provide compelling and results-driven online solutions to create a global market for your online business. With our advanced technologies and tools, we make sure that your online store ranks higher on search results, drives organic traffic, and converts lead into customers.

What we do

Our Shopify web design services

From providing Shopify theme development to SEO practices, we work for the success of your business. Our expert Shopify developers create cost-effective solutions to meet your customer and business needs. Local SEO Charlotte is your one-stop destination for all your Shopify e-commerce solutions. With our expertise, we ensure that your goals are achieved.

Get affordable SEO for small businesses by SEO specialists in Charlotte. 

Looking for top notch digital marketing management in Charlotte? 

Get strategic link building to earn high quality backlinks for your website.

From e-commerce web designs, to interactive landing pages,

Shopify Web Designer

Want to infuse life into your vision? We, at Local SEO Charlotte, are ready to help! As a professional SEO and web design company, we ensure the creation of online e-commerce stores that results in business growth. Our team will guide your online business all along. From creating website themes, incorporating SEO practices, and Shopify migration to make your Shopify store as dynamic as possible. 

Whether you own a new business or an already renowned online store, we will help you generate more conversions by improving your presence in the online web search. The Shopify web designers and SEO specialists in Charlotte are well aware of the latest technological trends to help businesses reach their customers. 

Shopify Web Developer

Local SEO Charlotte has a highly skilled team of professional web developers to offer the finest UX and UI-led Shopify web design and branding. Whether you are brand new in the market or already an established enterprise, we provide web services to improve your presence on the search results.

Our team has accompanied various businesses on the journey of web success by drawing more customers. With the latest tools, advanced SEO strategies, and in-depth analytics, we ensure the results you have always wished for. We have worked with numerous businesses worldwide to increase your visibility and improve conversion rates. If you want to take advantage of our Shopify web developer team, call us on (704) 856-9058.

Advantages of using Shopify as your eCommerce platform

A platform revolutionizing e-commerce business globally.

Shopify offers a hassle-free way to launch a user-friendly online store without worrying about development costs.

Shopify is a trustable and reliable e-commerce platform that secures sensitive customer and business information.

The e-commerce platform supports advanced SEO techniques that will help your website rank higher. 


Shopify Store Converstion Optimzation

The Charlotte website designers and Shopify builders work according to your brief to achieve desired results. Our team is devoted to creating online experiences that captivate the customers, turning every visitor into a customer. With an incredibly user-friendly interface, it is sure to entice more people towards your online business. 

Additionally, we offer effective marketing strategies to yield satisfactory results, ensuring business growth. So, leverage our services to create compelling and scalable Shopify stores for increased revenue. We promise to provide efficient solutions and customer support throughout your endeavour. Our Shopify developers will take your online store to new heights like never before.

Our Shopify Development Services - What You Get?

With a pool of experienced developers and designers, we offer Shopify Development Services to create top-notch e-commerce stores for your businesses. We integrate years of expertise and the latest technologies to provide the best solutions for business across various niches.

We help businesses achieve the following when they subscribe to our SEO services.

Shopify E-commerce Store Setup

Build your Shopify online e-commerce store with our flexible cloud solutions. Get proper optimisation, control over the look and functionality of your website. Our SEO specialists incorporate their expertise and in-depth analysis to offer an excellent user experience. Not only this, but we also perform periodic audits to ensure that everything is going in the right direction for your business’s success.

Shopify Theme Development

We offer high-performing and aesthetically pleasing websites tailored-made to represent your brand. Our SEO specialists provide Shopify theme development for great user experience. We incorporate visual hierarchy, product filters, and simplify site navigation. What’s more? We make sure that all keywords are highly relevant to optimize your Shopify store for search through our extensive analysis. After all, using the right keywords can take your Shopify store to the top of the relevant searches. 

Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

Get ahead of your competitors with our advanced techniques and use of the latest technologies. With our Shopify Plus Enterprise Services, your business can come on top of search engines. Enhance your online business experience without Shopify Plus Enterprises Services and connect with your target audience across the globe. Leverage our best tools and techniques for exceptional growth. 

Shopify App Development

Hire our experienced Shopify development team and take mobile app development to another level. Add further functionality and flexibility to your website with easily adaptable Shopify apps. These apps can be used on various devices and in different resolutions to enhance your website. So, it is time to reach more audiences and ensure high traffic to lead conversion. 

Migration to Shopify

Leverage our expert services to migrate all of your data, including products, customers, orders, and other significant information of your store, to Shopify. We promise to offer the most accurate migration without any data loss. You can now transfer your store from more than 100 e-commerce platforms to Shopify. Take your online business to places with your Shopify store. 

Maintenance & Support

Our team of skilled and qualified SEO experts and web developers puts substantial effort into building your brand reputation. With the best tools, quick turnaround time, and top-notch customer service, we believe in establishing and nurturing business relationships. Our dedicated support team is always a call or email away. We promote communication at every step to yield the best results for all your needs. 

Bespoke Builds

Our expert team has developed several successful bespoke Shopify sites starting from scratch. Our Shopify developers and web designs various analytics tools and advanced techniques to build an e-commerce presence that reaches the target audience.  Elevate your business to newer heights and take giant strides ahead of your competitors. We also provide site maintenance and support to provide a personalised customer experience. So, take advantage of our dedicated specialists to build a store according to the latest trends.

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    Why choose LSC as your Shopify developer

    Shopify E-commerce Store Setup

    Build Shopify e-commerce stores for both small and enterprise-level businesses across various sectors to attract global customers. Our dedicated Shopify web developers in Charlotte bring your vision to life on Shopify. Improve the functionality of your e-commerce store with our solutions. 

    Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

    The secret to success for any marketing effort lies in the use of analytics. We have exceptional command over various advanced analytics tools that enable us to track the minutest events for optimizing SEO performance

    Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

    Get valuable insights about customers and the market using our advanced analytics tools. Our expert team will optimize the SEO performance of your e-commerce site. Explore new heights for your online businesses with our expert services.

    Migration to Shopify

    Easily migrate your existing e-commerce store to Shopify with the help of our seasoned developers. We provide the most accurate and high-speed migration to Shopify without any data loss or complexities. We offer migration from more than 100 e-commerce platforms. 

    Shopify Theme Development

    Get eye-catching themes for your websites for better customer engagement and a high-end user experience. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the suitable option that highlights your vision perfectly. Steer ahead of your competitors with interactive Shopify web themes. 

    Shopify Theme Development

    Don’t believe us? Let our numbers talk about our capabilities. We believe in leading by example, and you can check our own statistics before choosing to go ahead with our services. We are confident that our numbers will surely gain your trust.

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