SEO Trends to be followed in Corona Times

SEO Trends to be followed in Corona Times

People are calling the last few months as “the new normal”. Everyone is trying to learn about living in the Covid-19 world. In a phase where the entire human population is amid history, some employees are working from home, students are learning from home, and businesses being run from home. The lockdown has significantly raised online activities, and it affects the google trends. If you are keen to know which SEO Charlotte trends you should follow in this Corona time, then you can understand them through the following six categories. 

  • General information about the virus.

Symptoms of COVID-19, treatment centers nearby, precautions to follow, number of worldwide cases, China’s take on the global situation, etc.

  • Issue faced by the economic world

Unemployment percentage of countries, freelancing jobs, government support to daily-wage workers, salary-reduction percentage in various sectors, share market downfalls, crypto-exchange regulation, CBDC system updates, etc.

  • Personal protection and prevention against the virus.

Guidance for making face masks at home, how to wash hands, natural immunity boosters, best sanitizers, minimum distance in public spaces, WHO Guidelines, the Best food for daily consumption, medicines to cure mild fever, applications for checking symptoms of COVID-19, etc.

  • Interventions in the non-pharmaceutical field

School closures, college reopening dates, online classes, exam schedules, teacher’s response, free courses, popular books, easy-to-cook food, best fashion magazine, best tech gadgets to be released, etc.

  • Home workouts and training

10-mins abs workout, training without dumbbells, how to replace gym benches, yoga tutorials, meditation techniques, best Zumba music, home-made energy drinks, diet charts with high protein content, cheap and nutritious meals, etc.

  • Alcohol Delivery Services

Cheapest wines, home delivery for wine, Govt restrictions on drinking, safety measures while making beer, best vodka making brands, no. of liquor shops in town, etc.

These are some top searches according to google trends. For making the study more comprehensive, you can refer to the keywords for every related search. Charlotte SEO Company helps its clients to prepare target articles for the top Corona Time Trends.

 If you want technical support in optimizing your content, then the Local SEO Charlotte team has the most trusted experts for the job. Websites, blogs, YouTubers, and podcast makers, all are running to get trending on the top search results of Google and other search engines. SEO Charlotte is strong enough to pull the right traffic at the right tight with the right management.

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